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EVENTS 2022! - is it April already??

Hey all! It's been a hot minute and we have already reached April - that's so crazy! I have been very busy cooking up some new songs for you, and I have a hard time picking the best ones for my upcoming EP release as I love all of them! Somehow these new songs circle around themes from my past self. I have deep dived into some old diary notes I've had laying around gathering dust, and reading some of these entries inspired me to just go for it. These songs are about relations, more specifically friendships. And hey, this is just a short little sneak peak into what's coming (and you can already listen to the first demo versions on my soundcloud). Furthermore! As you may have already noticed. A website update has happened, and I am now soon to introduce upcoming events like gigs, merch stands, shows and happenings that NANO BEY is doing - so keep you eyes peeled and ready for the new events!

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