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Here you will find
all of NANO BEY's music releases & music projects. 


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POWER (SINGLE) in 2 versions 

NANO BEY is ready for the music year 2023 - and has prepared yet another firework of a single ready to launch on the 5th of May this Spring! 
The song is a step int othe epic-kind of direction, showcasing both her ability as a strong vocalist as welll as the power to convey the message of gaining the fire to keep moving on! 

NANO BEY press photo 02.png
Nina Anto - European Tour 2022 
feat. NANO BEY 

Live at Kulturhuset in Oslo 26th May 2022. 
NANO BEY collaborated alongside NINA ANTO and her European Tour 2022 "Capturing Polish Women's Sensitivity". 
We did a 2 part concert where Nina started out as a fantastic storyteller with video aesthetics made by Polish artists before we moved on to a fire packed set with the new NANO BEY bangers! 
This is a highlight video featuring behind and on stage clips from the NANO BEY band and crew! We had such a blast playing our brand new setlist for the Oslo crowd. Absolutely amazing to air the new songs. 

We hope to play in Oslo again soon, so keep your eyes peeled !

Nina Anto x NANO BEY Live at Kulturhuset in Oslo May 2022

Nina Anto x NANO BEY Live at Kulturhuset in Oslo May 2022

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(THEA) - Red Riding  Hood

The track "Red Riding Hood"  released 2019 - is the very first HipHop song that NANO BEY released whilst her artist name was still under her first name THEA. The track highlights the happenings in the 1850s during the Kautokeino uprising resulting in the destruction of several Sami families. In the song NANO BEY put herself into the position of the  bad guys. 

NANO BEY (THEA) - Red Riding Hood

NANO BEY (THEA) - Red Riding Hood

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NANO BEY songs! 

Get ready for the official NANO BEY entertainments own curated playlist featuring all the current released works of the artist, singer, rapper and songwriter NANO BEY!


Check out the official list of demo's written by the artist, singer, rapper and songwriter NANO BEY on the NANO BEY ENTERTAINMENT Soundcloud profile! 

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