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The NANO BEY music services

Through several years in different metropolises such as Tokyo, London, Berlin and Oslo, as well as graduating with a BA(Hons) from BIMM London and Berlin in Professional Musicianship Vocals and 2 years at the University College Kristiania on the Music Production and the Music Business course I have created my own music creation methods and work professionally as a solo singer and performer. 
I started and ran the Oslo based record label Glitch Wave Records with Ingrooves (Universal Music) as the distributor. I signed Bare Andy, and managed, booking, worked on social media content and video creation, artist development and more as an industry practitioner for the Label as well as solo. 

I can't wait to hear from you!

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I am available for bookings tailored to fit your Event!

I have 2 levels of performance that I can deliver to you and your event! 

1.  Solo pop gig! 
- Original songs

2. Solo acoustic piano gig! 
- Original Songs (Please specify in your request if you want me to do cover songs)


Book me through the contact-form for more information. 

Need vocal recordings?

I will record female vocals for your next song! 
I have a wide register and work in the genres of POP, HipHop, Rock and R&B. 
Please check out my released songs for reference. 

Please reach out here on the website for more details and rates. 


I have developed my own unique Music creation practise. With knowlede from my life and Indigenous heritage I talk about culture, songwriting techniques and how to find your inner power to join the BravePop genre!


Fancy a new record?

I write contemporary songs in the genres of POP, HipHop, Rock and RnB. 

I will write or co-write to achieve your desired results suited for a demo production!

Don't hesitate to reach out! And I will happily schedule a meeting to cater your request and to agree on a suitable rate. 


I have 3 full day workshops running. 

  • Performance and Vocals 

  • Songwriting from Scratch

  • Introduction to Creativity in Music Performance

    All Workshops can be tailored to fit your target audience in all ages! 

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