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NANO BEY - life update!

Hi all! I'm not sure if anyone really read life-updates (the oldfashioned way) anymore, but that won't stop me! So much has been going on since we entered the new year and boy do I got stuff to tell. January practically flew buy and new motivation and plans were laid. As I am currently a full time student alongside my job as an artist, we had some tough tests and presentations that ended up being a ton of fun. My group were seriously so refreshing and even though it was hard work, I can honestly say that it would not have been the same without those guys - big hugs to all! February finally gave me some time to plan out my music releases for this year! Yes, there I said it! There will be heaps of new singles coming from me as NANO BEY and I have finally found a producer whom I admire very much and whom understands my vision musically. It's so wonderful to finally feel like I'm moving in the right direction. Speaking of right direction. Even though I feel like we've barely had the time to blink in 2023, I have discovered so much about myself and whom I surround myself with. I truly am grateful of everyone around me. My family first of all is such a joy. But when it comes to friends and the beautifully silly girls I live with, I cannot help but smile as I finally feel like I have the right people by my side. We all support each other and help each other despite our differences and busy schedules, there is always time for us to have a little chat and make each other feel seen. I wish for everyone who reads this, that you have or will have the same kind of joy that I am currently experiencing! Best wishes! - NANO BEY

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