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Welcome to the new NANO BEY WEBSITE!

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Hello and welcome! I'll just start this all by saying a big THANK YOU for following me on my music journey so far, because we are just about to get started! Like everyone, I also fell under the "New Year - New Me" spell, which I think has driven me to do some major improvements so far into 2022. As you already know, I have changed my artist name from THEA to NANO BEY, and I'm super excited to get started with my new music persona.

I have gone through blood, sweat and tears (and it's only February, what!). Creating this new website and platform for the NANO BEY community. The pop band KOMET RAIN which I was the bandleader, singer, rapper, songwriter and co-producer of sadly had to disband due to the world wide pandemic and distance. Fret not! The songs will live on both online and in our hearts. Although it was with a sad heart that we all went our own ways from KOMET RAIN, it has also been very freeing to gain the extra time of day to work on my new music material. 2022 is already shining brightly, and I'm ready to show some new tunes coming out this year. Again, thank you for reading this - I hope you have an amazing day! xoxo - NANO BEY!

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